Prosecco, eh?

16 November 2016

We're excited to present the first in a new series on how to enjoy Box Grove Vineyard wines at their best — from storing to serving, and everything in between. We'll decode each variety and hopefully make it a little easier for you to choose your wines.

Let's begin with a look at one of our favourite summer varietals — Prosecco. It's one of the first grapes we pick and the first wine we bottle each year.

Prosecco is the term applied to the fresh aromatic, sparkling wine made from the prosecco grape.

In recent years, the Italian style of sparkling wine has surged in popularity in Australia.

Our Prosecco goes through two ferments, one from grapes to a crisp, light dry white wine. And the second, in a big tank, to get it's lovely little bubbles, which we capture by bottling as soon as the ferment is complete.

Best described as a light-bodied, aromatic wine, bursting with zingy flavours of fresh apple, nashi pear and an exuberant hint of lemon.

Keep a few bottles in the fridge to enjoy spontaneously with friends while the wine is fresh and young.

The fine, gentle bubbles and lower alcohol make it perfect to enjoy any time of day – a relaxed brunch, a light lunch or a pre-dinner aperitif.

Delicious on it's own or add a dash of Aperal and mineral water with a twist of orange for a stylish Spritzer.



Lighter than Champagne, Prosecco is the ideal base for sophisticated and refreshing summer cocktails. Here are two of our favourite Prosecco drinks, perfect for warm afternoons spent with friends or for long hot, lazy days by the pool.


A year or so ago a girlfriend told me she had discovered her new favourite drink — a Prosecco Spritz — something she’d tried at Gertrude Street Enoteca during the MFWF.

This simple cocktail is THE drink of summer. Try it yourself as a refreshing aperitif or with a delicious Italian panini. Thanks to Enoteca's Jamie Broadway for sharing the recipe.

1 part Aperol/Campari/Maidenii
2 parts Box Grove Vineyard Prosecco
Splash of soda
Pour over ice and top with slice of orange


With so many lemons on our trees, right now we're busy at the vineyard making Limoncello - by hand! - to serve at the Osteria. We’ve never made it before, but the delight of combining our Prosecco and Limoncello together to make a gorgeous sparkling drink was just too hard to resist.

Light and bubbly with a fresh lemon flavour, this simple and refreshing cocktail is just perfect for summer entertaining.

Add 30 ml of Limoncello to a chilled glass
Top with ice-cold Box Grove Vineyard Prosecco
Serve immediately with fresh raspberries



Box Grove Vineyard Prosecco of course.

Order a dozen bottles online or feel free to call me anytime on 0409 210 015. We can deliver quick!