Callum's Pumpkin and Gorgonzola Wood Fired Pizza

13 September 2017

We all know that nothing beats homemade pizza - so put down your takeaway and give this delicious recipe a go.

Big thanks to Callum, Janelle and the team at Bank Street Pizza and Garden in Avenel for letting me share their secret recipe.

Callum's Pizza Base

Makes 8 pizza

1.25 kg strong baker's flour
4.5 grms fresh yeast
800 ml of warm water
30 grms of salt
Olive oil

Mix flour, yeast and water. Beat in Kitchen Aid for approximately 2 minutes.

When the mixture looks shiny and sounds squishy, add salt and mix. Squirt in olive oil.

Form dough into 250 grms balls. Rest in fridge overnight.

Callum's Pumpkin and Gorgonzola Pizza Topping

Serves 2

Place a large slice in the oven—one slice per pizza being prepared—preheated at 200 degrees until soft. Remove skin and allow to cool.

Pine Nuts:
Roast on a dry silver tray in oven at approximately 200 degrees until golden brown. Pay attention to roasting as the pine nuts can burn easily.

Stretch base and place on wooden pizza paddle covered with semolina. Pizza paddles ensure base can be transferred easily to wood fired oven or pizza stone.

Spread a large handful of shredded mozzarella evenly across the base—enough to cover it.

Use your hands to break the pumpkin into large bit size chunks and place around the base: spread pieces over the base so that each slice has a near-even split of all ingredients.

Break up 50g of gorgonzola and scatter over base.

Cook on pizza stone until base is charred and chewy.

Remove from oven and top with a good scattering of rocket leaves. Break half a large ball of Fior Di Latte over the pizza, and a handful of the roasted pine nuts.

Add olive oil and salt to taste.

Enjoy a slice of Callum's pizza with a glass of Box Grove VIneyard 2016 Vermentino.